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The Formula Recall and Shortage Crisis

Families with formula-fed infants are in crisis due to the formula recalls and supply interruptions experienced by the industry throughout the US. It is understandably a frightening and maddening time.

Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin provides prescribed pasteurized donor human milk to babies with a medical need throughout the US. These babies are usually in hospitals, but also sometimes at home. MMBA has always risen in times of crisis, and this one is no different.

Our phones have been ringing continuously. Families in need of something to feed their babies are reaching out for help. Thanks to our milk and financial donors, we can help.

The formula crisis is affecting healthy babies – not babies typically in need of PDHM. Lactating women are answering the call to action and signing up in great numbers to be screened as milk donors. This is allowing MMBA to process more milk, and to provide a small volume of that milk to each family having trouble finding formula. We’re providing this milk charitably, believing that families in crisis need some help.

Thank you for helping to make it feasible to show some love to families in need. If you are a family in need, reach out to 512-494-0800. If you are a family able to help, visit If you are already helping we wish we could give you a hug.  Check out the federal government’s site for more information.



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