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Milk Recipient Program Assistant | Austin, TX

This full-time position supports MMBA’s mission and the goals and objectives of the Milk Recipient Program, and reports to the Recipient Program Coordinator. The person in this position assists milk recipients through the process of receiving donor human milk and must demonstrate exceptional communication skills, display sensitivity, and a caring nature while guiding families through

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Milk Courier | San Antonio, TX

The Milk Courier part-time position responsible for the safe transport of frozen donor human milk from milk collection sites to the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin. MMBA has collection sites across the state of Texas; couriers deliver milk from the cities of Houston and San Antonio, primarily. Couriers maintain the milk in a frozen state

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About Us

Mothers Milk Bank Employees testing donated milk in lab

Our Values

We're committed to achieving our mission through excellence, compassion, charity, ethics, safety, integrity, reliability, science, research and technological advancement of all things human milk.

Our Culture

We create a positive work environment through open and honest communication, collaboration, accountability, transparency, celebration and humor.
Mothers Milk Bank Employees testing donated milk in lab

Our Team

We're happy people who love babies and share a passion for giving back to our community while advocates for the acceptance of human milk for all babies.

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