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6 Steps to Receiving Donor Human Milk

Please complete this form to be sent more information on receiving donor human milk.

  • Examples: Hospital discharged, supply won't meet baby's needs, premature birth, NICU stay, dr. referral, maternal health reason, etc.

Contact MMBA

The Milk Recipient Team will send you more information about receiving donor human milk services. The screening forms will be included, along with instructions to share with your baby’s physician if more than 39 ounces of milk is needed or if your child has a medical need for milk. Please review the attached handouts so that you’re informed on Storing & Using Donor human milk, important safety information, and MMBA’s Privacy Practices.

Complete screening forms

MMBA requires each milk recipient family to complete a Screening Form before services begin. This helps us determine if your child has a medical need for milk, provides important contact information for your family & your baby’s physician, and contains an Agreement for Services. This document informs you about your responsibilities as a milk recipient. It also contains a Medical Release Form so that we can gather medical records for your child.

Wait for MMBA to review your file and respond

A member of our Milk Recipient Team will contact you to let you know if additional information is required, discuss milk processing fees and make payment arrangements, or if we are ready to dispense milk to your child. MMBA will schedule your first pick-up if you’re in the Austin-area or provide information on shipping options (additional costs apply). Please note: MMBA is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CST and requires advance notice to schedule pickups. For local families with an urgent need for milk outside of those hours, call 512-494-0800 and follow the prompts. Our ability to assist after hours depends on milk supply and staff availability.

Receive milk

Place milk in your freezer and use it according to MMBA’s instructions for Storing & Using Donor Human Milk in the Home.  If you received a milk shipment, please use these instructions to check the condition of the milk upon arrival.

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