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Memorial Garden

The Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin understands that loss and grief are sometimes experienced in pregnancy and parenting.

We are so grateful for all of the mothers who found a way to give to others despite their own tears. Our Memorial Garden is a special space in honor of the babies whose lives ended too early — and their moms who donated milk to give hope to others.

The MMBA’s Lactation and Tears Program helps grieving mothers donate their breast milk as a way of honoring the babies they’ve lost by providing for others. A longstanding service, we have screened and approved more than 700 milk donors who produced milk despite experiencing loss. Their gift of milk provided hope to others with fragile babies in need.

For the past months, our staff and volunteers have been creating a dedicated space for families who experienced loss. This intimate Memorial Garden is filled with tiny windchimes that fill the air with beautiful subtle sounds, and flower beds containing more than 700 river stones etched with the milk donors’ babies’ first names. 

The garden is in open space on the milk bank’s property so local or visiting families can sit at the tables, walk, and perhaps find and hold their own baby’s stone while reflecting, praying, or just enjoying the day. 

We would like to warmly thank Christi, who designed the memorial garden, and Woody Harrison, of Woody Harrison Films, for capturing the stories behind this lovely project. And most importantly, we thank the mothers who gave their milk to help others while they grieved.



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