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Call for Posters: 2024 Human Milk Banking Association’s International Donor Milk Conference


The Human Milk Banking Association of North America’s International Donor Milk Conference, “Harnessing the Power of Donor Milk and Making a Collective Impact,” will be held in Austin, Texas, on April 15-16, 2024. The Poster Committee is interested in encouraging advocates, researchers, graduate students, and milk bank staff to submit proposals for poster presentations. The submission deadline is February 14, 2023.

HMBANA welcome the following types of reports:

  • Research reports: Presentations of original scientific data collected by author(s) or synthesis of research findings.
  • Theory reports: Presentations of a theory, idea, concept, policy, socioeconomic issue, or models that describes a foundation for the practice of human milk banking.
  • Special interest reports: Presentations of innovative concepts, ideas, projects, education, and processes that help meet the need for human milk.
Conference home page HERE
Call for Posters 2024 Human Milk Banking Association of North America Link HERE

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