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Social Media Specialist

Who We Are

The Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin (MMBA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 to save the lives of fragile babies through the dispensing of prescribed pasteurized donor milk. MMBA has many active programs supporting the mission and functions as both a food manufacturing facility committed to food safety, research, and innovation, and an administrative office where milk recipients, volunteers, milk and financial donors, and community members interact.


Social Media Specialist

Our Social Media Specialist takes our branded voice out across all of the milk bank’s social media streams – Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and X. This person is responsible for building and nurturing community around our mission and programs — supporting our primary goal of sourcing new milk donors, along with secondary objectives that include: educating about our work, building interest in financial donations (fundraising), growing our local volunteer base, supporting our events, building local partnerships with maternal health practitioners, lactation specialists, corporations, and mom groups, and educating the public on milk banking and donor human milk.

This position reports to the Executive Director and is part-time up to 10 hours per week. Some office time per week is expected, but flexibility exists between remote and in office hours.


  • Serve as the voice of our brand for MMBA’s mission and programs in the Austin community and beyond;
  • Draft a monthly content schedule with an expectation of daily posts, with flexibility to react in the moment as needed;
  • Coordinate with other Milk Bank staff to stay in the know regarding upcoming programs, events, and photo opportunities. Solicit and receive content suggestions from key staff members, using your own judgment and your knowledge of our audience to respond
    appropriately to each suggestion;
  • Publish channel-appropriate content to Instagram, Facebook and X regularly, and Youtube occasionally;
  • Promptly respond to all comments and questions via social media during scheduled working hours — routing users to other Milk Bank staff as appropriate;
  • Develop marketing partnerships on our social media channels with local businesses, maternal health professionals, and mom influencers for cross-promotion of our programs, events, and donor needs;
  • Grow our communities on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with a focus on quality connections (relevant, potential milk donors and partners);
  • Manage paid social spend, including Facebook Ads;
  • Pitch ideas to Executive Director where you believe new investment or modified messaging would further support our mission and program objectives (particularly in relation to sourcing new milk donors).


  • Commitment to the mission of the Milk Bank;
  • 2 or more years of experience in digital marketing; experience must include assisting with the management of social media accounts for a brand;
  • Strong communication skills, particularly in short form written communication to varied audiences (such as moms and financial supporters);
  • Natural connection builder: be friendly, relatable, and outgoing;
  • Must understand what “social media community” means for brands: we don’t want to just talk about ourselves on social. We support and actively build a community around the values our audience shares with our brand – and a big part of this is enabling the community to engage with us and each other around topics that matter. Having a constant passion and respect for our community is key to success in this role;
  • Good judgment: You’ll decide how to handle engagement from our audience – how to respond appropriately in real-time, in a variety of contexts, and when to engage other staff or the Executive Director. You’re the voice of our brand, and must represent us everyday
    in a way that treats our customers well, and portrays us positively in the community;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Awareness of and comfort writing about breastfeeding and breast milk pumping;
  • Ability to make connections to Austin parenting communities, including mom bloggers, influencers, podcasters, media, baby goods stores, baby goods brands, etc.;
  • Experience with paid social media, particularly Facebook Ads, is a plus;
  • Must provide your own smartphone and computer.

Hours: Part time 10 hours per week, can be scheduled or flexible each week depending on
your preference.

Salary range: $25 an hour, depending on experience.

To apply: Please send resume, references and cover letter to Kim Updegrove via email: We will accept resumes until the position is filled.

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